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I was only awake for about 50 minutes today, my 22nd birthday, when I got my first present! At about 7:55 AM, I heard my car alarm go off. That could mean only one thing, I was getting towed again! I scampered down there, barefoot, just as the tow truck guy was putting braces on my rear wheels. Seems that my forged permit was fading so fast that it was quite obvious. Just yesterday I noticed that the text was a lot closer to yellow than to the expected red.

Long story short, the tow truck guy remembered how nice I was the last time he tried to tow me, so he let me go with just a $40 fee. Come to think about it, I only paid $120 this entire summer to park in my lot ($80 fee a month ago, $40 fee today). Not bad for four months of parking!