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So, my favorite field is finally starting to produce fruit: I Can See (Wired cover). Ever since I read all 5 pages of this article this morning, my mind has been awhirl.

First, the techology behind this is amazing. The camera, not amazing. The computers, not amazing. The software, not amazing. The neural implant, bingo. If you have read the article, you will know that this implant sits directly atop the visual cortex. The resolution is not that high, but it does allow the user to perceive objects.

Second, I am rethinking my future plans again. Cybernetics is now, the proof is here! This is just the beginning, this is just what the public knows. I am sure that many of my dreams will be realized by the end of my lifetime (which should hopefully coincide with the end of this century). Why should I limit myself to basic computer support work my entire life? Why should I try to get an MBA and join the management track before I am 28? Technology and cybernetics are two true loves. Repairing vision (of this fashion) is simple in comparision to what is possible! Maybe I should have stuck with my plan to become a biomedical engineer. Too bad UMich didn't offer a BME undergraduate degree when I was applying.

Third, I really want to watch Ghost in the Shell again.