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The things a boy will do for internet access:
As most of you know, I am back at my parents house for two weeks this summer. During this time, my only home net access will be dial up. This would be bearable if I could actually make a connection! I dial up my umich account and the connection will die within 20 minutes (usually after only 1 minute).

I called up Ameritech and they said it could be a problem with the line, or it could be internal wiring. If the wiring was the case, then they would charge us just to come look at the problem. He suggested that I connect a modem directly into the interface on the outside of the house. Problem, my computer is in the basement. Luckily, I am sometimes smart.

I found a phone cord long enough so that I could run it from the external interface, through the bathroom window and then *down* the laundry chute into the basement. Unluckily, the external interface is behind a rose of sharon bush (Hibiscus syriacus). Guess what likes to hang out around these bushes? Wasps! I got stung four times, including twice *in the face*. All for dial up access.