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School started this week, which is the main reason why my post frequency has dropped to near-zero. My classes for this term include Operating Systems, Molecular Biology and the Major Design Experience.

Operating Systems is not as cool as I thought it would be. Instead of getting an overview of the 1.9 million topics involved with operating systems, we are only learning threads and file systems. So disappointing. Molecular has been good so far, which is surprising. By now, I thought I would be horrifically sick of anything biology related. I talked to someone new in class for the first time in practically three years, so that might help. And finally, the Major Design Experience (MDE): 8 credits for a single project. We were given something like 30 projects to choose from. We got to pick our top three, then the professors will put us into groups. My choices were:
  1. Writing a set of UNIX/Linux tools to ease administration of a network that includes UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac workstations.
  2. Add an extension to the university LDAP server so that email groups can have their list archived or sent as a digest version.
  3. Rebuild the EECS website, both the design and the database backend.
I don't care which one I get, they should all be fairly easy. Time consuming, but easy.

Once I get into the swing of things, I am sure I will be back to posting (almost) everyday. I don't even have a desk in my room yet, so it might be awhile.