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Benadryl = bad.

I've been taking Claritin for years now, at least since high school. Just recently, they came out with an over-the-counter form of Claritin. Now my health insurance doesn't cover perscriptions to Claritin and the OTC version costs $13 for ten doses! When my prescription to Claritin had run out at school and I needed something to tide me over until I made it to the doctor next, I would just get an off-brand antihistamine/decongestant.

When I went to the store to pick some up, they were all out so I decided to try the Benadryl version. Not at good call at all! Some people take Benadryl just as a sleep aid and now I know why. I took two in the past few days and my sleep needs have gone up at least 25%. I even fell asleep in the car when Leah's mom was driving us back to Ann Arbor! I had to take a nap from noon until 2 PM today even though I got more than my normal amount of sleep last night. Does anyone need a sleep aid? I'm not taking anymore of these.