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This has been a crazy week. The craziest part is trying to organize one of my interviews. When they initially contacted me a couple of weeks ago, they asked for 8 possible interview dates. I gave them 8 and then realized a few days later that one of those dates was the same as my AI final! Murphy's Law in full effect, they chose that day. I emailed my contact back immediately and asked if it could be rescheduled to any of the other days. The best she could do was to push it back a day, to April 25th. I have finals on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th and then commencement is on the 26th. Bad timing, eh? So, here is a rough estimation of my schedule for those three days:

April 24th

10:30 AM - 12:30 PM: Final

Between 3 PM and 6 PM: Fly out of DTW

Between 6 PM and 9 PM: Arrive

Afterward: Crash at hotel

April 25th

6 AM: Wake up, get ready, find office

8:30 AM: Interview, interview, interview

Between 9 PM and Midnight: Fly out

April 26th

Between 5 AM and 8 AM: Arrive at DTW

9:15 AM: Commencement

I can't believe I am taking the redeye from an interview to catch commencement.