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Hmm, speaking of working out, I never explained how accident-prone I've been over the past few weeks. I cut myself twice, once on a bagel when I was in a hurry and once when chopping up peppers and I wasn't paying attention. The pepper cut, which is on my left thumb, was so deep that I probably needed stitches. I'm a dumb boy, so I just put a butterfly bandage on to seal it up. When working out at the beginning of spring break last week, I was walking on my hands (a relic from my pre-wrestling work outs) and stretched out my ACL in my right knee when I landed. Being a dumb boy, I played racquetball with Joe later that evening. I was attempting a spinning return when I realized there was no way I could land and put that much pressure on my right knee. I stopped midway but my racquet kept going. I smashed myself in the left eye. I should have taken pictures right when it happened, but here are a couple pictures from over a week after it happened:

Normal coloration

Photoshopped coloration to show bruise beneath the eye