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Damn you, AT&T Wireless. So the new Smartphone is finally coming to market and it is being heavily marketed. AWS is going to have a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal on launch day and everything. The new phone is being sold for under $300, which is actually a great price point for the hardware and services being offered. The device is being sold internally to Microsoft at a 45% discount, which is also amazing.

The problem is that AWS plans are so expensive! Internally, the two plans being offered are $76/month and $95/month for 700 and 1,100 voice minutes respectively and 30 MB of data. That is just WAY too much. I thought spending $50 on my Sprint phone was overkill. For unlimited data and 1,100 voice minutes, the price jumps to $109! Come on. Also, get this, those are the Microsoft discount rates! For 1,100 minutes, it is normally $120 without data! I feel like screaming.

No cellular service is worth that much.