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Weekend update:

On Sunday, I finally made it to a donation center. When I first moved out to Washington, I brought all of my college apartment furniture, electronics and applicances. I figured that I would have enough startup costs with moving into a new apartment and buying a car that I could use my old college crap for awhile to get me by. I dropped quite a bit on the down payment for the car and had to buy a few essentials for the apartment (sofa, bed, desk, dresser, bookshelves, everything for the bathroom, etc) so I was glad I brought everything else. I've slowly replaced a few items and instead of getting rid of them immediately, I just tossed them into the corner of the room! Basically, we had an extra TV, VCR and TV stand in our living room for the past three months. Kat showed me the local Goodwill donation center Sunday morning so I packed up the ol' Focus hatchback and finally made a donation.

I got rid of said TV, VCR and TV stand along with two huge garbage bags of clothes (cleaned and folded, thank you), microwave, toaster, coffee pot and some other assorted items. They didn't take the TV, so I just tossed it into the garbage/recycle room in my complex. If it's still there after trash day, I will probably take it to a real recycle center since Jeff informed me that the tube contains toxic materials.

After getting rid of so much stuff, I decided I need to fill those now-empty spaces with new stuff. I picked up a duvet cover and blanket (both in dark blue) and then Jeff and I went out shopping. On the way to Ikea, we decided to check out Fry's. It can only be described as a combination of the best parts of Best Buy and Radio Shack in a Wal-Mart sized setting. Automatic geekgasm. At Ikea, I picked up a frame for my Hokusai Katsushika print. It's not terribly Japanese, I know, but I simply like it for aesthetic reasons. Jeff had to continually remind me that I am heterosexual so that I wouldn't buy certain prints. But come on, with a blue and white theme in my bedroom, this would complement it well!

On Saturday, Jeff, Russ, his two visitors, Rebecca and Rob, and I went to Rocksport in West Seattle to see Michigan defeat Ohio State. I was about to say "upset Ohio State", but we all knew who was going to win! Rocksport was an interesting place to see the game. All but a handful of people were there specifically to cheer on the Wovlerines as the Seattle alumni association goes there for every game. They served (a fairly crappy) breakfast, but service was surprisingly good for a bar at 9 AM. After the game, Jeff and I hit Kenneth Cole (shoes in brown/tan, shirt, shirt in black). After a quick lunch, we hit the gym. That night, Kat and I went to Cutters for dinner (not terribly impressed) and then had a quiet night at home.