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I just had a pretty crazy dream. I don't remember all the details, but I know it involved trying to go to a play, or a conference or something. To me, it seemed like we were in East Lansing, or some other college town that I've visited but didn't know too well. The overall theme of the dream seemed to concern men versus women, and more specifically, women standing up to men treating them poorly. Some of the people that were in my dream: Jenn, Laura, Angie, Steve Jackson from the Daily and some girl that I just barely remember being a friend of Rob and Gareth.

I don't really remember the play/conference/whatever, but I know that we went out to eat afterwards. The place was called BD's, but instead of it being like BD's Mongolian BBQ, it was more like Dixie's BBQ and was fast food. The restaurant was so darkly lit that I couldn't even read the menu and was about to just order a "Number 1 Combo" just to be safe when an altercation occured. Some guy brushed up too close to the girl that I just barely remember and so she yelled at him and shoved him. A couple of other guys were just loitering around that area and started to make fun of her. That's when I stepped in, put one of the guys in an arm lock and said "Do you like having the use of this arm?" He was quiet after that.