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Ok, about AX: This Saturday, I decided that since flag football season was over and Katherine was getting ready to go to Dallas on a business trip, I might as well get started on my holiday shopping. I spent quite a few hours at Bellevue Square and hit at least 20 stores. One of the last stores I went to, mostly out of curiosity, was Armani Exchange. Personally, I hate their clothing. It's either label-saturated or a misguided attempt at being trendy. While I was there, I had not one, not two, not three, but four different sales people try to help me. Normally I walk into a store like that and I'm lucky to get any help. The last sales person, male, got my attention by staring directly into my eyes for a second. I turned away, then noticed he was still watching me. I made eye contact again and he started up conversation. Most of it was "how is shopping going", "who are you buying for" and basic salesperson chat. When he said "What are you doing afterward?", that was when I figured out I was being hit on. My response "Probably just some more shopping." with a condescending smirk ended that discussion.