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Well, it's official: I'm coming back to Detroit twice in the span of about two weeks! I will be flying into Detroit just so I can turn around and drive to Chicago (don't ask) for New Year's Eve. After the festivities, I will be driving back to Detroit to see family and friends for a few days before flying back to Seattle. A week later, I will be flying out to Detroit for a long weekend to attend the auto show. Here are the details:

Trip 1:

31/Dec/2003 @ 9:25 AM EST: Arrive in Detroit

31/Dec/2003 @ 2:00 PM EST: Drive to Chicago

01/Jan/2003 @ 5:00 PM EST: Drive to Detroit

04/Jan/2003 @ 5:00 PM EST: Fly to Seattle

Trip 2:

16/Jan/2003 @ 5:30 AM EST: Arrive in Detroit

19/Jan/2003 @ 7:30 PM EST: Fly to Seattle

So, everyone back in the SE MI area, if you want to see me, you better call dibs now!