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So, I've heard of mice with too many additional buttons to be useful, but thankfully my new mouse just has left click, right click, scroll wheel, scroll up button, scroll down button, task switch and then two currently unassigned buttons that I would assume are used for forward and backward in a web browser. That may sound like a lot of buttons, but I think of the scroll up and down buttons as just an extension of the wheel and the task switch button is miniscule.

Now the keyboard on the other hand is just asinine. Along with the normal keys that a normal keyboard has (letters, numbers, punctuation, navigation and keypad), this one has seperate keys for scrolling, go, back, sleep, f-lock, e-mail, messenger/sms, webcam, media, mute, volume up/down, last track, next track, stop, play, iTouch, search, shopping, favorites, and my home. Additionally to that, it has a function key to enable new, reply, forward, send, undo, redo, print, save, my computer, my documents, my pictures, and my music. To make matters worse, they labeled the normal control key functions like undo, cut, copy and paste. They keyboard is just a little bit overboard!