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Ok, so my friend Alicia got hit on by a guy at a party last week, but they didn't exchange digits. Instead, since this guy is a complete putz, asked a mutual friend for her AIM screenname! She isn't going to date him, but they have talked a bit and she found out he has a vanity site: Morris Singer.

Signs you are a PUTZ:

  1. You place a picture of yourself in your title graphic.
  2. Your site is "Under Construction": No one with a modicum of web design ability has used "Under Construction" on their site since 1995. Go put your crap on GeoCities.
  3. You copy all of your columns, and screw it up! How many instances of "Restroom Revolution Gathers at Stonewall" are on that page? Hard hitting journalism, at that!
  4. Your photo galleries are Javascript pop-up driven garbage.
  5. Your bio is written in third person perspective.
  6. You do not have a job or a degree yet you have a business card.
  7. Your tagline is a warning: "Thank you for visiting my site. Do not duplicate this information, content or design without written permission from me."

Yeah, I know, someone could rip apart my site as well, but I can take it.