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Speaking of cars, I totally forgot to say that I officially own the Camaro now! I took a few crappy pictures; I will try to get some better ones in the sun soon. So far, I've only driven the car in the parking garage at work and a few blocks around my building. I am still pretty horrible with the manual, but I'm getting better.

Last night, Jeff and I took it out for a little spin. Everything was going fine until I stopped at a stop sign and just couldn't seem to get the car going. I kept stalling and stalling and stalling. It felt very weird to me since I was giving it a ton of gas, it just didn't seem like enough. After about 12 tries I finally got the car going! It still seemed to be acting up because the revs were so low. I stopped at the next stop sign and had the same issue! Finally Jeff hopped in, played with the shifter and turns out, I was in third gear! I'm just surprised that I actually got it to go that one time. Oh well, Jeff said the shifter is fairly narrow and thus it's hard to tell which gear you are in. I just think I am dumb and that is one more thing I will pay attention to when driving stick.