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Haha, I'm a tool. Just today, Kat and I went to Big Apple Bagels to grab a quick lunch before we both headed off to work (yes, working on a Saturday). I ordered my usual, a Roma Italian sub and a 32oz Diet Coke. We were both a bit tired today but I believe I was the one with worse coordiation. While reaching for my drink, I slightly nudged it. Thinking I was about to knock it off the table, I made a quick grab for it, hoping to save it. Instead, I increased the drinks velocity and redirected its destination vector directly toward Kat. Needless to say, I absolutely drenched her in 32oz of Diet Coke. Thankfully, she wasn't too upset. I tried to clean up as best I could, but she was basically covered and nothing could be done. We quickly finished our meal outside and then went home. Minus 50 points for me (for the obvious) and plus 50 points for her (or not freaking out).