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Quick weekend update:

On Friday night, Kat and I hung out with one of her old friends, Sarah. Sarah is currently working as a catering coordinator and had just gotten finished with a gay and lesbian auction (I'm assuming they were auctioning things to gays and lesbians, not auctioning the gays and lesbians themselves). Two of her clients thought Sarah was cool and wanted to hang out with her. She invited these two guys to go out with us and it was a lot of fun! We ended up going to Tini Bigg's and since Sarah brought "clients", she expensed our drinks! Well, one of the drinks wasn't expensed. One of the guys she brought bought me a $60 drink! It was a top shelf Manhattan so someone made the joke that he bought me top shelf so that I would be his bottom. The $60 Manhattan was not $51 better than the $9 Manhattan I had when I first got there.

Saturday was my weekly flag football game and then Kat, Jeff and I grabbed dinner then watched The Whole Ten Yards... nowhere near as funny as the first. Sunday, Tim took me to the Seahawks game. We discussed everything from our dorky pasts to college fun to entertainment to buying our first homes. The game was fun except for the fact that the 'Hawks blew a 27-10 lead and lost in OT! That night, Kat and I went over to her parents house for dinner.

$60 drink? yeeaaaah rigggght

Ok, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous Poster, why are you so incredulous? Do you know how expensive top shelf alcohol can be? Do you know how much of a premium most bars put on top of that? Considering a Manhattan using the cheapest materials they had was $9, I can believe $60.

I think mr/ms anonymous meant yeah right , no way in hell they'd pay that much ...

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