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CNN.com Election 2004: Thanks to Jeff for pointing out this page. It shows a great breakdown of voter trends. Here are my immediate takeaways:

  • The only age group Kerry took was 18-29. Good job to the young voters out there! I hope you weren't just listening to Puff Daddy; he wasn't actually going to kill you.
  • Nice gradual increasing slope of Bush approval with income.
  • 67% support from those that listed religion as "none". This is in dramatic contrast to the 8% of people that listed "Religious Faith" as the MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY for a president. Can you believe that?
  • Overall, people that were concerned with the economy heavily favored Kerry. Why do so many people care about terrorism, religion, abortion, etc when the economy has a much greater affect on daily lives?

The real fact of the matter is that all the stupid fucking right-wing rednecks in the southern states voted for Bush. Thank you and good night..

i have it on good authority that exit polls are worthless.

there's some speculation out there that it's not the exit polls that are worthless; but instead, it's the voting machines and window's based pc's that are worthless... interesting thought. I'm not sure I buy it, but it is an intriguing thought.


oh yeah, that last comment was me...


i was being facetious; mike is the one who said they were worthless... and then posted about them.

and i'm with you on windows-based pc's being crap :)

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