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2005 Lotus Elise - Automobile Magazine: This has to be one of the most humorous reviews I've read. It's not "Oh my god, I'm going to pee my pants just after I stop crying" funny, but it has it's moments:

"The cop hands me my first speeding ticket in nine years. I console myself with the thought that my streak was broken with a worthy car, something like getting an STD from a supermodel."

"If I owned this car, I'd put in more aggressive cams and crank the idle up to about 2000 rpm, so it would play a frenetic staccato tune at all times. And I'd rip out the passenger seat and replace it with another fuel tank so you wouldn't have to stop every ten minutes. And I'd airbrush a portrait of a ninja on the hood, but that's, like, stage three."

"The interior is mostly bare metal, there's no power steering, and the radio is so bad that you expect Ashton Kutcher to run out from behind a bush and tell you that you've been Blau-Punk'd."

thats an awesome writeup. FUck i want one of those...

This line about the cop asking him if he wanted to get any children run over was hilarious
>There are more children in the
>cast of Cocoon than there are in
>this parking lot, but I keep that
>observation to myself

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