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Hmm, didn't take long to purchase what I needed:

  • Wash: NXT Generation Purchased from Autopia
  • Clay: Sonus Block Detailing Purchased from Autopia
  • Cleaner: Klasse All-in-One Purchased from Autopia
  • Wax: P21S Carnauba SEE BELOW
  • Wax removal towel: Der Wunder Buffing Towel Purchased from Autopia
  • Tire dressing: Good ol' Armor All! To Be Purchased locally

I found out that P21S carnauba wax is also sold as S100 motorcycle wax. Same stuff, same jar, different name, half the price! I picked up the S100 from autogeek.net.

I'm not sure why I like auto detailing so much; it's just so relaxing to me. Fire up the iPod on a clear day and get to work! It must be a combination of the relaxing work, a sense of accomplishment and the look of the car at the end!

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