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Hey folks, it's been a long time since I rapped at ya.

Last weekend was Vegas: food, wine, gambling and cars? For what more can a young boy like myself ask? (Christ, is that how I have to word it if I don't want to end with a preposition?) Kat, her dad and I went to Vegas for a long weekend. The main event was a heart valve conference John wanted to attend and Kat and I basically just love the city. We had planned just one nice dinner and were going to wing the rest, and I think that worked out wonderfully. I don't want to call it spontaneous since we basically planned the next day each night and we all know how un-spontaneous I am (right, girls?).

The one nice planned dinner was Le Cirque in the Bellagio. Overall, the dinner was definitely a gamble (rarr rarr) since I loved 4/5 courses while Kat/John were only happy with a couple. Let's see if I can remember what we had... oyster w/ caviar (the amuse bouche), lobster salad, squash puree w/ sweetbreads, foie grae, snapper and then a venison chop. The snapper was fairly mundane and uninspired (basically a nice filet but flavorless) but everything else was interestingly flavored and complementary. The waitstaff was attentive and available without being pushy, though they made up a story when they didn't know the answer to something. They set the table with Laguiole knives and John nonchalantly asked "Hey, do you know why there is a bee on the handle of this knife?" Two different waiters said something about how the grandfather of the owner of the company used to be a beekeeper and so they adopted it as their logo. In all actuality, it was a seal Napoleon gave to the town of Laguiole in honor of the men they sent to battle. Oh well, we didn't correct them since we weren't trying to test them, just making conversation. Anyway, I loved the meal but Kat and John were a bit disappointed and we all agreed that Picasso was a better experience for the money.

I'll continue later...

Enjoyed a lot!
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