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Neverwinter Nights is out! A friend, his girlfriend and my roommate all bought copies on the first day. Thankfully, I got to play for about an hour yesterday. The single player mode is a bit dry so far, but I only played for an hour! I really can't decide whether or not I like it.

The interface is a bit clunky due to the Sims-esque circular navigation. If you haven't played either of these games, the navigation starts by clicking on an object (right-clicking for NWN). The click brings up circular icons in a circular pattern around whatever you clicked. You are then required to click on one of these circular icons. If there is more than one such level of navigation, a new set of circular icons in a circular pattern pops up. If not, then your selection has been made.

Belanger and I discussed the merits of this game and decided that multiplayer games with a DM on an isolated server are where this game will shine. People are going to start making modules soon, too. This could be the next Counterstrike.