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And I thought wasps were bad:

Laura works at the School of Public Health as a lab technician. The lab she works in deals with air purity/polution. The air and water samples they collect are stored in generic glass bottles. To insure that these bottles are free from impurities, they are washed in acid, baked in acid then cleaned with various other techniques.

Just the other day, Laura was doing the usual routine of cleaning bottles when she accidentally dropped a bottle of acid into a sink. The acid bottle was open since she was using it, thus acid splashed up and into her EYE. She immediately used the eye wash, which I believe saved her. Though she could see just fine after it happened, she decided to go to the ER just to be sure. They flushed both eyes with a liter of saline each then examined the damage. Just a small amount of corneal abrasion which healed quickly. Thank god.