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Today while I was working out at the CCRB, a girl actually hit on me. This has happened maybe three times in my entire life. Here are the details: The wrestling mats were laid out in the martial arts room because a session of aikido had just concluded. I had just finished my cardio and lifting and was walking around a bit to cool down. When I saw the mats, I decided to do some of my wrestling rolls just as a cool down. I started off walking on my hands because that was the most fun and was the most strenuous. A girl that was stretching at the end of the room started watching me. I ignored it, since she was just watching because who walks on their hands? Thirty seconds later, she came up to me and asked if she could join me.

At this point, I was a bit confused. I hadn't been hit on in a very long time so I didn't know what to do and I also have a very serious girlfriend. I didn't want to blow this girl off just for the sake of being rude, but I couldn't lead her on in any way. Anyway, I said of course she could join me and she asked if I did gymnastics. I explained that I used to walk on my hands when I wrestled in high school. She asked if I wrestled for Michigan and I just laughed. We introduced ourselves and she then said that she does hand stands because she used to do gymnastics in school and that now she likes to breakdance. She started to show off by walking on her hands and then doing single handed dismounts. At this point, I either had to commit or bail. Instead of committing by asking about her dancing, I simply said that I had to get going. She laughed out of obvious nervousness, probably because she didn't want me to leave. I simply grabbed my water bottle and headphones and ended that encounter.