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The waters choppy, but it doesn't cut me, no

'Cause I ain't sinkin', no I ain't goin down below

I don't think that way, you know I never have

Well I cant slow down now just because you lag

You're always pulling, keep on trying to bring me down

I'm going to show you that I don't like to fuck around

You show your face and I'll look the other way

You blink your eyes and you've got no friends to play

Pick up the slack

I won't carry your monkey on my back

Save the world

Got no time, I've got to save myself today

I've got a mission to fulfill the things in life

I've got a lot of things to see before I live to die

All this negativity tries to bring me down

As you get worse, I turn my life around

Death By Stereo - Looking Out For Number One