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Another night, another crazy dream though I can only rememeber a few details from this one. Basically, I was a spy and my boss was the developer lead for my team. My first task was to assemble a disguise that would let me infiltrate the ranks of my target. It required some sort of black cape, weird black boots, a wig and makeup to look like an old woman and four old, silver coins. I started to assemble this disguise and eventually realized it would not work and came up with a different one. I had on tight black pants, black dress shoes, a beige collared sweater (sort of like this one but with a collar) with the collar up.

Now that I had my disguise (if you can even consider that a disguise), I had to infiltrate the target location. From my surroundings, the locale was possibly the city of New York, but checking my maps showed St. Petersburg. So, yes, I was infiltrating a Russian installation. From here, the rest of the dream is very fuzzy. I do remember getting onto an elevator and having a woman roll her eyes viciously.

I do remember some of the emotions that I felt. When I was performing the first task, I knew that I was taking shortcuts and that my boss would be upset if he found out. I believe the same thing happened when I was actually on my way to the base. I was using some sort of device to track my location (probably a Windows Mobile powered device, naturally) and that was against the rules of engagement.