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Ok, let's play with some numbers. Here are the current WRC standings:

(57 pts) Richard Burns

(55 pts) Sebastien Loeb

(53 pts) Carlos Sainz

(48 pts) Petter Solberg

(43 pts) Markko Martin

(38 pts) Marcus Gronholm

Burns is on a downward slope. If his performance in Italy is any indication of his desire to win the championship, we can all but write him off. Expect Burns to score maybe 8 more points over the last three rallies. Loeb is hot now, but he is also inexperienced. His car is sick, so if he can avoid a major retirement in Britain he is going to pull down at least 15 more points. Sainz is too experienced to drop out of this championship without a fight. He won't partake in any major gambling, but he will be consistant. I'll give him 12 points. Petter knows he needs to score some serious points to vault into the championship, so he will twist his natural talent into desperation. At least two early retirements will keep him below 8 more points in the final rallies. Markko is going to destroy the next two rallies. Expect a first and a second place finish. The final rally in Great Britain is going to decide this championship. Gronholm has retired from the last three rallies. Expect another two retirements with a third place race to finish off the season. The final standings and points:

(70 pts) Sebastien Loeb

(69 pts) Markko Martin

(65 pts) Carlos Sainz

(64 pts) Richard Burns

(56 pts) Petter Solberg

(44 pts) Marcus Gronholm

You heard it here first.