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Car update: So, you all know about the damage to my car (original condition, information, damaged condition). For some reason when I signed up for auto insurance, I didn't elect to add rental car coverage. My thought was simply that I doubt I will ever need to make a claim and if so it would only be for a couple of days. I figured that if I needed to rent a car, paying for two days wouldn't be so bad. Sigh, such stupidity.

I took my car in two Mondays ago (09/22/2003) and expected to have it back by Wednesday. When I dropped it off, they said it would be done by Friday at the latest. Oh well, what can I do, I need a car so I will just pay for 5 days. Friday rolls around and the car is not ready. That sucks because the shop is closed on the weekends meaning at least three more days of renting the car. Monday comes and the car is not ready. Tuesday comes and the car is not ready. Finally I pick up the car on Wednesday (10/01/2003) and they got the wrong fog lamp in so that wasn't replaced. Total charge for renting a car for ten days: $375! All because I didn't want to pay the $60/year for car rental coverage.