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So last night was the big go-karting event at Champs Karting. Racers: Katherine, Russ, Jeff, Jeff's sister, Jeff's sister's boyfriend, Lee, Mark, Andy, Kevin, Joel, Dennis, Rob and another Jeff. It's a shame that Champs online results system is broken because then I could give actual speed numbers. At Champs, each race is 18 laps and because of the staggered start, the winner is whomever has the fastest single lap. I raced with Katherine, Mark and Lee. Mark set the fastest lap of the night (for our group) with a 20.00 flat. Lee was second with a very close 20.03 and I was third with 20.30.

The track was fairly small but I didn't fully figure it out until about half way through. As you can see on this map, there are a few hairpin turns. The worst was turn 3. No matter what I did, I couldn't seem to get enough exit velocity. If it was a real car, I would have changed the gear ratios for faster low-end acceleration. I figured out how to gain some serious velocity through turns 1 and 2, but 3 was my down fall. I'm sure another go at it and I would improve by at least .3 seconds a lap.

Overall, I think everyone had a good time. Jeff and crew had to leave early since they had just gotten in from across the country that morning. His sister honestly looked like she pulled two all nighters. You know that glazed, watery look? She had a textbook case. Jeff will probably drag me back there, no worries.

Afterward, Katherine, Russ, Lee and I went to Belltown Billiards. We were supposed to meet up with Lee's friend Craig, but he never showed. Everytime I go to the bar, I can never think of a cool mixed drink to order. I need to work on a list.