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God, come in god, god, come in god. Damn you're a girl. Well, I guess the reason why I'm talking to you tonight is because I've been doing a lot of thinking. I consider mysef a pretty cool guy and I've never cheated on any of my girlfriends. Well, except that one lil' time in Japan, but that was just head and head don't count, right? Aww, thanks god, I knew you'd understand. Well, I just feel like, well to be honest with you, god, I just need a sweet bitch. Ya know, somebody not too fast, but not too slow, 'cause I dont have it all my damn self and life ain't easy. Ya know you just want someone by your side to help smooth that thang out. At this point, I'm not being picky, she doesn't have to have a big ol' ass, ya know. Just something well proportioned to her body, ya know a nice lil' tail. What, you say, you say you found somebody? Is she cute? So when do I get to meet her? Aww, god, you're the greatest. Well, I guess I'll talk to you later. Amen. oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, a-lady.

- "God" by Outkast.

No, Kat, this has nothing to do with you, this is just the worlds greatest interlude.