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I should have posted this as soon as I woke up this morning, but I can never seem to get going until 1.5 hours after I wake up. Unless I wake up late, I will kill 1.5 hours every morning. Granted, I consider my drive to work to be killed time simply because I am nowhere near fully awake and thus I drive by instinct. Listening to commercials the entire way there is not uncommon, simply because I am not paying attention whatsoever. Anyway, the post.

The remembered dream from last night consisted of some sort of party. It was possibly a party for me, or just a party in general. I believe it was a party for me since I was given a car (an Audi TT, or at least the shell of one. Someone said the rest would be in next week. Odd choice of car since I do not and have never wanted a TT.) and there was an interesting gag gift. Basically, someone took all of my prized possesions, which curiously included a house, shrunk them down and locked them in a glass case for everyone to look at. All throughout the party I never noticed this case. Once everyone had left, it finally revealed itself and of course I tried to pry it open to retreive my things! It was a long case, probably 12 feet long and 3 feet wide and high. The case was in segments, each with a sealed door. After attempting to pry each door open, the last segment contained what looked like just a piece of yellow paper. This door opened, and out flew a few miniature (fruit fly-sized) bees! I'm not allergic nor phobic of bees, but I am not a fan. For some reason, my mind told me that an ex-girlfriend, Emily, had done all of this. Made no sense!