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Keeping the shitstream going:

  • Arrived at my doctor's appointment 20 minutes early, didn't get to see the doc until 50 minutes later AND he gave me less than two minutes of face-to-face time.
  • Since the appointment ran so late, I get to work at that purgatory period: after the bulk of employees have arrived but before lunch. The parking lots at work are double and triple parked by 10 AM so arriving at 11 AM is a lesson in frustration, futility and lots of gear changes. I can't find a spot at the local lot so I got to park a couple of blocks away. No big deal, unless it rains. This is Seattle. This conclusion left up to the reader.
  • My favorite internet station, WOXY, the station I listen to every minute I'm at work, is moving to a pay model. $5/month, I'd think about it, $10/month, I'm not so sure.

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