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I am not going to link to the video in question because it is a bit graphic, but a stabilized version of the Zapruder Kennedy assassination film is available. We've all seen the original version, probably many times. It's so jerky that it's pretty hard to tell exactly what happens when Kennedy is shot multiple times. In this stabilized version, you can tell he was hit early on in the clip as Jackie is extremely concerned and trying to figure out what happened. She is leaning in, seemingly trying to take off his jacket to get to his chest/back wound. Just as she gets in real close, a bullet zips in and absolutely explodes his face. It is simply shocking to see it stabilized and is so much more grotesque.

i saw that too. it's crazy. SO graphic. it made me feel sick, probably because it's real. i cover my eyes when MOVIES get that gory, and this is reality... ::shudder::

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