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That last post was my 1000th in Blogger. Holy hell. Anyway, I haven't written about Spain yet and I just keep forgetting to make time. Here's a quick blurb I wrote for someone else; it might hold you over:

Overall, Spain was great: the weather was very cooperative (no rain, but I can't really say that highs in the 50s are anything more than just "cooperative"), the wine was cheap and plentiful, getting around was quite easy (taxis everywhere, good bus and train networks) and the sites were fabulous. The highlight and dark horse of the trip was the Mezquita, a Moorish mosque that was eventually converted into a Christian church. It wasn't highly regarded in the tour books but the history and architecture were quite impressive.

The Spain vacation wasn't without problems though. The Southern half is fairly sexist which caused problems since the girlfriend is the better Spanish speaker. We were also treated poorly at our Seville hotel since we booked with Expedia; I've heard this being an issue so I think I will book my European hotels directly from now on. We also received some poor service due to being American at a few places. These small issues didn't really harm the trip, but still something to note.