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While there may only be about four people that read this blog anymore, the four of you are big complainers! Okay, I'll try to update a bit more frequently.

Anyway, the holidays and recent trips have caused some serious credit card debt growth; the worst I've ever been in. Kat and I are going to cut back on extraneous spending (eating out, etc) and I'm going to rein back hobby costs (car parts, car detailing equipment, Xbox accessories and games, etc). If I'm good, it will only take a handful of paychecks to eradicate the debt. Unfortunately, the 360 has introduced me to a new desire: a Media Center PC. Based on some searches I've done, it will only take a couple of parts to turn my current desktop into a MCE: new video card, new TV tuner card and optionally, a big ol' hard drive. My system doesn't support PCI-E, so I'll have to pick up an AGP card so I'm looking at the Nvidia 6200. For the tuner, seems that a lot of people like the Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150MCE. Pricewatch usually shows the best deals so it seems that I could pick up the two of those for about $140 total. Hard drives keep plummeting in price so I should be able to get 300 gig for $100 by the time I make this purchase.

I need to check and see if the office at home has a cable outlet since I'd rather not put the MCE in the living room downstairs...