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I apologize that this post is not about cars, detailing or cameras.

Most of you know, I have terrible knees. It all started when I was still recovering from surgery and decided to try out for the high school football team. All was well until one morning, a 200 lb dude fell on my left leg, bending my knee inwards. One partially-torn MCL and a stretched ACL later, my knees have never been the same. A subsequent MCL/ACL injury from racquetball on the left knee didn't help either! I've been in more and more pain, especially in the right knee which is a bit odd since all of the injuries were to the left knee. Turns out, a separate issue is at work here. Just due to genetics, my knee caps simply do not stay in place. Instead of sitting in a bone groove where it should, both knee caps sit toward the outside of the knee. This is causing grinding and wearing down of cartilage throughout the knee. This explains why anti-inflammatories help out to such an intense degree and why I'm in so much pain if I forget them a few days in a row.

I just got back from a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. Physical therapy on my knees has failed and the next step in treatment would be to strengthen the inner muscle of the thigh (medialis). Both the physicians assistant and the doc said my medialis is well-developed so that wouldn't help. Barring anything odd found in my MRI next week, I get to schedule surgery! Depending on a few factors, there are two procedures that may be used. The first is called a lateral release and the recovery time could be as short as two weeks. The second is much more involved, requires a slight fracture of the femur and implant of an artificial bone splint and the minimum recovery time is 8 weeks.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to surgery. I've been to four doctors about this and now they finally realize that this isn't going to heal itself. I'd almost rather have the more advanced procedure since it has a higher success rate. This isn't happening for at least a couple months, so I'm going to start counting the days until my knee problems are fixed for good.... hopefully.