Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Friday, November 07, 2003

When the load gets tough, the tough get loaded.

AutoWeek - Car News: "Mitsubishi trimmed 146 pounds of nonessential items from its already-stellar Lancer Evolution for even more performance. Those items include the wing; HID lights (replaced with halogens); rear wiper; air conditioning; ABS; power motors for the windows, doors, locks and side mirrors; the entire audio system; trim in the trunk; vanity mirrors; rear assist grips; map lights; lots of sound-deadening material and even that little piece of leather wrapping that goes around the parking brake lever." All that removed and it's only $3,000 cheaper. I'll pass.

UPDATE - Microsoft turns to IBM for next Xbox chip: "The next version of Xbox is expected to be announced in January by Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates and to be on sale next fall ahead of the holidays, according to Doherty." A coworker mentioned to me on Wednesday night that Xbox2 would be out in time for next Christmas. I couldn't believe him, but here is an outside source saying the same thing. Not that I believe everything on the internet...

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

How to create an OpenBSD 3.4 ISO:

  1. Download the requisite files from (I would suggest ports.tar.gz, src.tar.gz, sys.tar.gz and the entire i386 folder.)
  2. On your old OBSD machine (since you all have one), cd to the root of the new CD
  3. Use mkhybrid to make an ISO: mkhybrid -b i386/floppy34.fs -c boot.catalog -l -J -L -r -o obsd34.iso . (That final period is necessary! Isn't it always?)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Howstuffworks "How Dieting Works": "Try wearing form-fitting clothes instead of sweats. The tight clothing acts as a subliminal reminder of what you are trying to accomplish." Best dieting advice I've heard all year!

I need to cut caffeine again. As stated in this survey, my sleep requirements went from 8.5 to 5 hours when I quit caffeine. I wasn't exactly sure if it was the lack of caffeine or the dramatic increase in exercise that was the cause of the change. Now that I'm still working out just as much (or more) and I'm back on caffeine, my sleep requirements are back at 8.5 hours.

It wouldn't be such a bad thing if I wasn't falling asleep at inopportune moments...

Bullets of Importance™:

  • Michigan is now first in the Big Ten and in the top 10 in the nation (story)
  • Microsoft has partnered with IBM for the processor for the next Xbox (story)
  • The Green River Killer will plead guilty to 48 counts of murder (story)
  • On a much less grisly and much more important note, Kat turns 24 today!