Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Friday, July 09, 2004

Haha, I love this. Posting to blogger on my laptop that is connected to my Smartphone through Bluetooth while the Smartphone has internet access through GPRS. Isn't technology wonderful?

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

So little time or energy to post! Suppa happy fun bullets are all you get.

  • Kat and I didn't do much this Fourth of July weekend. We both had difficult weeks (especially the night where I left work at 12:45 AM and then was up for the next day before 7 AM) so we just took it easy. Her parents backyard overlooks much of Seattle so we were able to see four different fireworks displays at once (Elliot Bay, Gasworks, Yarrow Bay and Kirkland).
  • Tonight was the second game of the summer FloorBurn season. I'm captain already and I've already made a mistake. I didn't inform everyone we had a game this week (assuming that the manager would take care of that like last season) and only 4 people showed up. A couple people subbed for us and we ended up winning 3-1! I almost had a hat trick but the pass I got right in front of the goal was actually about to go into the goal so I just let it go by!
  • I've spent about eight hours working on my yearly review for Microsoft and I'm only about a third of the way completed. It is important but not that important. I just want a fatty raise so I can afford my new car and my $1,570/month rent.
  • This happened two weekends ago, but Eric of Jenn&Eric fame was in town so Kat, Eric and I grabbed some dinner and dessert. We had a good time, but it didn't last long enough. I had an early morning appointment so I had to call the night around 9 PM.
  • The new car is still super sweet. To measure how sweet it is, I picked up a G-Tech Performance Meter Pro. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Well, I haven't had a piece of flat, dry, non-cop-infested road to really wring out the car and measure with it yet. In time.
  • While the car is still super sweet, the oh-so-smooth shifter is becoming less smooth. There is some hesitation as the shifter returns to neutral on the way to the next gear. It almost seems like the linkage is jammed. Oh well, it should work itself out in time otherwise it is going to the dealer! I didn't drive this car hard at all yet and I haven't had a gear grind nor have I missed a shift. If there is a problem, it wasn't my fault.
  • I've been playing a ton of GT3 lately, now that Russ has moved out. I can play the really long races or long sets of races and just leave the PS2 running while I go to work. I can play a bit, do something else then go back to an unmolested PS2. I've already won an F1 car so now it's basically a game of "How many times can I pass everyone before I win!". I love that game.