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Thursday, August 12, 2004

This season of inline hockey is going pretty well. I'd show you our standings but the website we use is password-protected for team members only. That doesn't mean I can't copy and paste!

HT Floorburn (4) vs Moe's Tavern (0)
HT Floorburn (3) vs Flying Weasels (1)
Moe's Tavern (3) vs HT Floorburn (3)
HT Floorburn (2) vs HT Swat the Puck (11)
Flying Weasels (0) vs HT Floorburn (5)
HT Floorburn (7) vs Moe's Tavern (5)
HT Floorburn (7) vs Flying Weasels (4)

So we are 5-1-1, which isn't bad! The only problem is, Swat the Puck has picked up a few amazing players (AKA they don't belong in our league) so I doubt we will have any chance against them in the playoffs. Also, we play against them three more times in the remaining five games! I have a feeling we are going to end up 7-4-1 for this season... Oh well, I've been playing fairly well this season as I have two hat tricks in a row. I just need to learn to control the puck a bit better and I think I might be able to play in the next higher level.

Ok, my gallery server is back online. Even though I have been using XP SP2 for months now at work, I installed it at home and forgot about the default firewall. It blocked connections to both my web server and RDP. All fixed now! Anyway, here are the new galleries:
Mt. Rainier 08.08.2004
Mt. Rainier 08.07.2004
Random funny pics

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Kat, her family and I went to Mt. Rainier this weekend. Everyone has told me that Rainier is beautiful and I've already had a small sampling of this fact. I went to Carbon Glacier with Jeff and Eric earlier this year. Well, Rainier truly is beautiful! We stayed at Paradise Inn and went on about 10 miles of trails total. It was wildflower season and we saw some amazing sites. None of the hikes we went on were too difficult but they were still challenging yet enjoyable. I have pictures but it looks like my home server is down right now. I will fix that and add links later.

Haha, I haven't posted in two weeks.