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Friday, December 19, 2003

So, Walmart has decided to open their own online music service. My first thought was, Walmart with an online service, up against a formidable opponent like iTunes Music Store? Then again, people thought the same thing about Microsoft coming out with the XBox to go against Sony and the PS2. Anyway, this serivce, much like the new Napster, uses WMA 9. Because of this, no one with a Mac can use this service and this is even mentioned in their FAQ. Oddly enough, this page has a screen shot from a Mac! Observed first by a Slashdot member.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sorry that I disappeared for a few days there; I have a good reason. On Monday while playing racquetball, I severely injured my knee again.

Here is how I did it. Instead of wearing my normal cross-trainer shoes to play rball, I was wearing my turf shoes. Turf shoes have amazing traction on almost any surface, including the hardwood floor of the rball court. Whenever I land from a jump, I keep my foot perpendicular to my shoulders until I land, when I rotate my foot away from my body for added balance. that is how you are supposed to land. Well, when I landed this time, I went to rotate my foot but my shoe decided to have super traction and not move. All of the rotational force went straight to the inner portion of my left knee.

It was 10 PM by the time I got home, so I couldn't see a doctor on Monday. The next morning, I waited until I heard from Kat to make an appointment since I figured her dad (a doctor) would be able to make a good recommendation. When I called to make an appointment at 11 AM, they were booked for the day and I had to wait until Wednesday. The x-ray shows that I definitely did some serious damage and that I also have a bone shard taken off the medial portion of my left knee. Because of the amount of swelling, the doc recommended that I get an MRI. That was done the same day but I will not get the results until at least Friday afternoon. The current prognosis is a torn MCL, stretched ACL, torn meniscus and the bone shard. Lovely.

I'm currently wearing a huge brace but the pain is not so bad. It comes and goes and luckily I can walk fairly well. I missed a day and a half of work, so I'm a bit behind now.

ZAGAT SURVEY: Unfit for print

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Whoa, Saddam captured? I guess being up at 5 AM has the advantage of knowing the breaking news.

4:15 AM and I've been trying to sleep since 11:30 PM. The only explanation is that the decaf coffee I ordered during dessert wasn't quite decaf.