Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Friday, July 16, 2004

Just in case I decide to care about this crap later, my car is #761 out of 1978 built and was built on 07Jan2004.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I've removed the links to my Gallery as I haven't had time to repopulate it since it was destroyed. I have added a new album though!

SVT Focus 07.11.2004

Jeff complained that I used a Microsoft building as my background and not Mt. Rainier. I knew that this parking garage would be in full sunlight and completely open. I can take pictures just about wherever I want and he's a negative fuck anyway!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Now that I have the SVT Focus, I've put the Camaro up for sale. I have so far only posted it in the Microsoft classifieds but anyone in the Puget Sound area can take a look at these. I put the car up two weeks ago and I got a phone call last Wednesday:

Her: I'm calling about the Camaro.
Me: Ok, it's still available.
Her: Can I come see it?
Me: Sure, when works for you.
Her: How about this weekend?
Me: Ok, when?
Her: Oh, I don't know, lunchtime?

At this point, I got a little bit frustrated. I dont want to hear "lunchtime", I want a specific time and date. Anyway, I finally got her to decide on Saturday at noon. She calls me Friday morning (a call I missed since I was in the parking garage) and says that she can't do it on Saturday and that Sunday at 5 PM would work better. Ok, that is fine. I get a voicemail Sunday at roughly 4 PM to say she can't make it at 5 PM and would Monday work. I call her back, no answer, so I left a voicemail saying that Monday would be fine if she would please tell me a specific time. She emails me this morning to say that either 6 or 7 PM would work. I told her to give me a specific time and if she was going to change that time to tell me by 2 PM. She writes back, saying 7 PM would be fine. Here we are, 5:30 PM and she calls:

Her: Hi Mike, I just wanted to see if we could meet earlier.
Me: Well, we decided on 7 PM.
Her: I know, but I was wondering if we could meet at 6 or 6:30 PM.
Me: I already said that I would need to know by 2 PM if you were going to change the time.
Her: I know, I was just wondering if you could get off work early.
Me: No, but 7 PM works for me.
Her: Ok.
Me: (Cutting her off) Bye. ::CLICK::
Holy cow. I bet you $100 that she is going to show up 15 minutes late and then not know how to drive a manual transmission. Just wait.
UPDATE: She can't drive a manual! But, this is a car for her (I think) younger brother so I will give her a little slack.