Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Laura and I were discussing life plans and money. I came to the conclusion that I don't really need a new sports car when I graduate from college. She made the point that it would be better to waste a bit of money now than buying a 'Vette and a Harley when I hit 45. Thus:

I'll take an RSX Type-S in Nighthawk Black Pearl with black leather, please. Oh, and tack on the 7-spoke aluminum wheels and the fog lights, thanks.

Sweet. An entire cup of cream of broccoli soup from Mr. Pita with a total of six (6) appreciable pieces of broccoli. Yes, I did count.

Bad news: My good-email-to-spam ratio is now below 1. For the past week, it is currently hovering at .8106.
Good news: SpamAssassin lets me calmly ignore all of said spam.

D'oh, I forgot to tell you *why* all of my projects have been aborted. I am resodding my parent's front lawn. It's a fireball of fun, I assure you. Here is a little list I whipped up of the steps I need to take to properly resod (reseed, actually) the lawn:

  1. Remove all old turf.
  2. Test the composition of the soil.
  3. Add soil amendments to correct soil composition.
  4. Add fertilizer and till 6 inches of the soil.
  5. Level soil to a 1-2 degree grade.
  6. Water for 2 weeks to allow weed seeds to germinate.
  7. Remove weeds with Round Up.
  8. Lightly rake top of soil.
  9. Spread seed equally in two passes, the second at 90 degrees to the first.
  10. Lightly rake the fresh seed.
  11. Lightly roll the fresh seed.
  12. Apply a light layer of mulch.
  13. Water lightly (5-10 minutes) twice daily until lawn height is inch.
  14. Water deeper (15-20 minutes) once daily until lawn height is 3 inches.
  15. Mow lawn to 2 inches with a sharp-bladed bagging mower.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

My current list of aborted projects:

Hack Check disk
Image gallery
Binary data from a MySQL database pulled by PHP

I have programmers ADD.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Note to self: "yellow tag" is another phrase for "Post-It note", at least to the English-challenged in my office.

Monday, August 26, 2002

Things are finally falling into place:

I have sucessfully signed up for electricity, cable, phone and DSL for my new apartment. Ameritech, once again, is a bunch of asshats. A simple activation took an hour longer than expected. Let's hope their current special (DSL for $29.95/month, no install/activation fee) makes up for their asshattery.