Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Thursday, November 13, 2003

So I'm back to including a bit of cardio into my exercise regime. On Tuesday, Jeff decided he wasn't up for racquetball so we did 30 minutes of cardio before lifting. I hit the elliptical for that entire time, burning over 400 calories. Lifting directly afterward felt so much different than normal where we start with lifting. Basically, every exercise seemed at least 15% more difficult. Anytime I have to grunt through an entire set of bench presses, I shouldn't be doing that much weight (nor does anyone actually want to hear me grunt). Last night, Jeff had two futbol games to play with his MS club so I hit the gym alone. Again, 400 calories on the elliptical.

Many people have commented on my increased size (I've assumed musculature so far since most of these people wouldn't say "Man, looking a little pudgy there, Mike!"), but I feel that all the added muscle mass is simply pushing the existing fat out farther. I'm almost tempted to scale back lifting in favor of cardio, but then I wouldn't be making progress in strength. I've added at least 25 pounds to my bench since we started working out at the end of the summer. Maybe I should just get liposuction and keep lifting!

When ordering a corduroy schoolboy jacket, I really wish online sites wouldn't shorten my order to "corduroy schoolboy". I have some decency, honest! I would never order a schoolboy if he was from Couduroy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

FCC allows home numbers to be switched to wireless phones - Nov. 11, 2003: When I first read this article, I thought "Great! So many people will love this feature." Now that I really think about it, how much use is this really going to get? Ever since cell phones became popular, adding a new phone number became a routine occurance. It is not that big of a deal to change a phone number. I could have a skewed viewpoint because almost everyone that has my phone number also has an email address. Everytime I changed phone numbers (which happened every year in college and once again when I moved out to Washington), I've sent out an email announcing the change. It could be much more difficult for other people that do not have an alternate form of communication.

I can see this being used by people that ran a business line in their home. They can keep the same number, which is probably on business cards, websites, etc but now have it tied to a mobile phone. Since I work in the mobile phone industry, any way to get more people to switch is fine with me!

I do see one issue with this ruling though. Up to this point, I believe that telemarketers relied on the fact that cell phones and landlines were completely seperate. They knew which extensions mobile operators had and would not call those numbers (since it is illegal to telemarket to a cell phone since it costs the customer money). Now, that line is completely removed. Is there going to be a national database of cellular versus landlines? How secure would that be?

Being constantly screwed over by your job but still being paid well and not wanting to ruin your resume by quitting before you put in two years has to be one of the most frustrating situations in the world.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Brits ready for face off: "In a key report to be published on 19 November, members will highlight a catalogue of concerns - focusing on the huge psychologicaland emotional difficulties patients associated with having a dead person's face."