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Friday, October 08, 2004

Work is driving me crazy so I'll take a quick break to blog.

Earlier this week, one of Katherine's cats, Sebastian, got sick. We started to notice that he was peeing with high frequency and sometimes he didn't bother using the box. When he decided to hop into bed with us just to piss on the comforter, we knew it was time to take him to the vet. We called them up and they said they just needed a urine sample to determine if he had a urinary tract infection. Kat grabbed the kit from the vet and then I got to take half a day off to try and grab cat piss!

The kit came with some non-absorbing litter, a pipette and a vial. I basically got to sit beside the litter box waiting for him to take a piss so I could bend down, suck it up and put it in the vial. He definitely had a problem of some sort as every time he would pee, it would be on the order of a fraction of a milliliter. Oh, and the fact that it was probably 1/3rd blood was also a good clue! It took at least three hours to collect 1.5 mL so I called the vet. When they found out he was male, was producing so little and it was so bloody, they had me bring him in. After some investigation, they said they couldn't determine if it was an infection or not so they put him on some kitty anti-biotic. I guess that worked as he is fine now!