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Friday, December 01, 2000

Did I mention that I love OpenBSD? Did I mention I love the mascot?

An hour of downtime equals an upgraded server. I just upgraded this web server (which is also my ftp server, DHCP server, MP3 server, and would be my DNS server if it wasn't so slow) to OpenBSD 2.8. There was a huge list of changes from 2.7 and even though none of them seemed critical, upgrades are always nice.

The : community cartooning: a very interesting idea. An Open Source comic strip, practically. People are allowed to use the characters from Penny Arcade and make up their own strips. There are almost 4000 strips now, in various states of quality in humor and artistry. The gems are few and far between, but they also hit a wide variety of subjects such as Dragonball Z.

Penny Arcade: Another comic: More games, more geeks, lots of killing, and mayo. My favorites are Cam and Poke. Genuis

MegaTokyo: a comic strip about gaming and Japanese culture. A new love is found.

A day Without Weblogs? What a pathetic cause. I can sort of understand a Day without Art (even though that is everyday in my life) supporting World Aids Day. A day without weblogs is just another crappy webloggers movement. Here are some great links on this day that I should not be linking (snicker): ISketch is a great form of online Pictionary. It uses Shockwave, the interface is tight and the speed is excellent. A great way to chat online as well! Schlong Song. Sisqo likes meat.

Monday, November 27, 2000

I hereby declare that President-Elect Bush no longer carry that title, nor ever carry the title of President, but from this point on be referred to as President 537. 537 votes? C'mon people.