Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Friday, November 21, 2003

Motor Trend Names Toyota Prius 2004 Car of the Year. I think I just found a reason to cancel my Motor Trend subscription (six days after I just renewed for two more years...). How in the world is the Prius the car of the year?! I believe that a car with at least a single, glaring issue should not be in contention for car of the year. The issue with the Prius? The back end. Just look at the boot on that car.

Toyota design engineers: "So, we've simply run out of ideas. We tried inverting the emblem and the lights and the fender, we've tried square tail lights, round tail lights, clear tail lights (damn Altezza), round back ends, square backends, triangle back ends, full trunks, full hatchbacks, half and half, we've tried everything! Well, almost everything. Let's try to 'reverse psych' our customers. We are going to take the ugliest rear known in existence, the Pontiac Aztec, and then squish it into half the space and give it clear tail lights! Briliant!" Ugh.

Just tonight, Jeff, Dan and I were discussing who are the worst drivers. It may be stereotypical, but women are not as good of drivers on average as men. Case in point, while waiting to turn left at a light, Jeff and I saw two cars pass that did not have their headlights on: both women, both on cell phones.

"A man will fall in love with some beauty, with a woman's body, or even with a part of a woman's body and he'll abandon his own children for her, sell his father and mother, and his country, Russia, too. If he's honest, he'll steal; if he's humane, he'll murder; if he's faithful, he'll deceive." - Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

SCO Hints at *BSD Lawsuits Next Year, And More: Best quote from the whole SCO fiasco about Darl McBride, "Darl is like a blind man on the street, swinging a bat, hoping someone will pay him to stop. Hopefully, the cops will get him before he does any real damage."

Here is a picture of the puppy that Russ and I almost decided to keep:

Microsoft OTG RAS Extranet site. This is for my own personal use; stay out.

Animals, animals and more animals.

Russell's older brother is currently studying to be a veterinarian. Before we moved in together, Russ mentioned that he might want to get a dog eventually. Back then, I stated that I wouldn't have any problem with that whatsoever as long as he was the one to take care of the dog. I wouldn't mind having to ocassionally fill a food dish or take the pup out for a walk, but that would be about it. The topic was dropped then, but Russ' brother recently had to spay/neuter a puppy for his studies. Usually, these dogs are mutts from the Humane Society, but this one turned out to be a purebred doberman pinscher.

Since this dog was just so darned cute, Russ had to bring up the idea of getting a dog since his brother could give it away to anyone. I said the same thing as before but pointed out that this dog wasn't going to be small for very long. Also, he would probably destroy something if he was kept in the apartment by himself for 10+ hours a day. We agreed, no puppy for us.

Kat and her parents have a total of three cats. Two of them, Charlotte and Emily (the "Bronte Sisters") have been with the family for quite a few years now. They are a mix between what seems to be to be a Russian Blue or Chartreux and an orange English Shorthair. The third cat is Sebastian, a brown tabby, and is only 6 months old. Emily is fairly social, so it wasn't much of a surprise when she felt comfortable enough to come up to me. The other two are a different story. Sebastian is still in the playful kitty phase, but Kat told me that I'm the only person other than herself that he has cuddled with. As for Charlotte, she isn't terribly social so Kat is also surprised when she always comes up to me for affection. I think Kat is just jealous!

Kitties love me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Totally Sidetalkin' Nokia N-Gage Style!! SIDETALKING 2003: Oh my god, my eyes are watering this is so hilarious!

So, some of the newest Nokia phones are shaped pretty much like a taco. Instead of holding the taco flat to your face to talk, which would seem normal, you hold the edge of the phone (AKA bottom of the taco) against your face to talk. I thought I looked dorky with my Pocket PC Phone, but that just takes the cake. Observe:

Official Nokia demonstration on how to use the N-Gage

Talking on a taco in comparison

Monday, November 17, 2003

NBC 4 - 4 Your Health - FDA Approves Chewable Birth-Control Pill: It's chewable, it tastes like mint and it will soon be found by some unsuspecting child who will probably eat them all. At least the babies wont be having babies.

Overall City Ranking Scorecard - Men's Health: Tell me something I didn't know! Seattle ranks 7th for overall men's health (the difference in how a city is better for men or women is never clarified) and Detroit is almost near the bottom. Rob must be livin' the healthy life over in Madtown though: #1.

MSN Learning & Research - What Is Your Degree Worth?