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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Damnit, Blogger! Why did you just eat that post on which I spent 10 minutes typing?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Well, I've made it back from Michigan in one piece! Sleeping about four hours a night on average for five days caught up to me as I went to bed at 9:30 PM last night and slept for about eleven hours.

The bachelors party went fairly well... only five people could make it to dinner and six made it to play pool afterwards. It was hard for me to coordinate with people I don't know that are all across the country. Dinner was good, though a bit expensive at $277 for five people. Pool was fun and we got Chris to have at least one drink, a redheaded slut. We wanted him to have a dirty girl scout next to keep the weak-drinks-named-after-unscrupulous-females theme going but one and he was done. Our waitress wanted us to go to a strip club so that we would be having some fun for a bachelors party. Oddly enough, the cashier at lunch and the waitress at the pool hall were both from my area in Washington.

The night before the wedding was filled with lots of last minute preparations. Collin and Libby helped finalize the CD selections while I wrote out all of the table name cards until about 1 AM. Lindsay was so tired that she went to bed while we were all finishing up. I think getting 90% of everything done the day before is a better idea than leaving anything for the actual wedding day.

Chris was nervous on the wedding day which I thought was pretty cute. I was nervous as well simply because, as the best man, it was my job to smooth over anything that went wrong. Additionally, I had not finished writing my toast for that evening! The ceremony went off without a hitch though it did take about 45 seconds for the unity candle to fire up. I practiced my speech between the wedding and the reception and then I was told that I had to MC the entire reception. All that entailed was introducing the members of the wedding party, no big deal.

The reception was fairly fun once dinner was out of the way. Around 9:30 PM, Iren and I walked over to Rebecca's, which was roughly 100 feet from the restaurant that held the reception. Rebecca was working there so we talked for a little while. While talking, Rebecca asked if I remembered Cheryl who worked there five years ago when I was there. I said I did and then Cheryl appeared! She has been working there off and on for seven years. She works there now for extra money since she has a real job as a flight attendant. Turns out that Iren and Rebecca knew each other in high school so they chatted for a bit.

After the reception, a few of us walked over to Poole's for a drink. At first it was just Iren, Casey, Eric, Tina, her boyfriend Chris and myself but Collin, Libby and Marty showed up about 45 minutes later. We had a pretty good time and I got fairly drunk, as the pictures will show.

Random trip photos
Wedding photos
Reception and bar photos

Monday, September 20, 2004

Haha, it looks like one of my ex-girlfriends is getting married to the guy she dumped me for.... on my 25th birthday! I don't have all of the details, but it will be somewhere around August 4th, 2005. I just hope that was done on purpose.