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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

A lot of you know that Joe and I never returned bottles when we were living together in Ann Arbor. What few of you know is just how MANY bottles we acquired over the 9 months that we lived there. We filled an entire closet: 708 bottles total! Not bad, eh?

Added pictures from the Fourth of July. I guess I really should add some content other than just pictures... On the Fourth, Lee, Ben, Russ and I went over to Mark's place for a BBQ. A few other people stopped by, friends of Mark and Lee's from Umich. We started cooking the meat before we realized that we didn't have any BBQ tools. A few of us ran to the store and picked up a set, but that was after we had already melted a plastic spatula trying to remove some hamburgers.

We cooked and chatted for a few hours, then decided to go to downtown Seattle for fireworks. Russ and I took his car and Ben and Lee took Lee's car. Let's just say that it was a case of the blind leading the blind. Once we found where we were supposed to be, the traffic was unbareable. It took us at least an hour to find parking, then another 30 minutes to walk to the park. We met up with some other people just in time for some snacks and then the fireworks started! The show wasn't terribly eventful; the Livonia fireworks were almost as good. Afterward, most of the group was going to bars down in Pioneer Square. Our group dwindled down to Lee, Ben, myself and a guy named Matt. Neither Matt nor Ben wanted to go to the bar and Lee and myself are fairly laid back, so we succumbed to their will. Instead of the bars, we went to 7-11 for slurpees then to Krispy Kreme for 18 donuts. Pretty lame, but it was actually pretty fun.

That's a bit more than a typical night with the guys, but we are hanging out quite often. They are a fun bunch, and this is really helping me adjust to the Seattle area. I will never forget the people back in the Ann Arbor - Livonia area yet I'm glad I've met some people out here.