Any idiot can drive fast in a straight line

Wednesday, March 12, 2003


Lock your door
Zip up your jacket
Take your vitamins
Pull into your shell
Load your gun
Put on your sunscreen
Arrest your terrorists
Check your engine
Pay your insurance
Pop the pill
Censor your media
Cool your reactor
Put on your life vest
Buckle your seat belt
Sterilize your tools
Pray to your god
Sign your contract
Set your alarm
But open your heart and mind
Love is its own protection

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Homework can wait. Tonight was the Sarah Slean concert! While I was checking out other concerts, I saw that she would be playing at The Ark tonight. I knew that Jenn was a fan, so we decided to go. I had only heard a couple of her songs quite a while ago, but I figured it would be good to go to a concert anyway. I'm damn glad I went. Not only was it a good time with Jenn (and seeing Beth wasn't half bad), but the concert itself was so good it was inspiring.

I really had no idea what to expect. When a gorgeous redhead (though fake, I think) took the stage with a vivacious and humorous stage presence, I knew this was going to be good. She has a good command over the piano, ranging from full-yet-harsh wailing to soft and melodic. Her voice takes a bit of getting used to, but she has some power when she wants to use it. Her lyrics were a bit obtuse for a first time listener, but that will surely correct itself over time. Interestingly enough, her guitarist was actually the most talented person on stage. He played four different instruments total, two electrics, one acoustic and one that could only be described as an electric tweleve-string ukulele. With the help of at least 12 different pedals, he added a depth to the music that would have left the piano naked without.

All in all, a pretty kick ass show. Jenn bought her newest CD and quickly sent me MP3s of all the songs when she got home. This is definitely going into my permanent rotation.

Monday, March 10, 2003

I hate that fweakin' marshmallow.

Another good workout followed by consuming way too much damned food. The last time I did this I ate a bowl of tomato rice soup, a ham and swiss on sourdough, a granola bar, a yogurt and two oranges. Today was another bowl of tomato rice soup, a veggie burger, three pieces of cheesy bread, two huge oranges and a bag of pretzels. For lunch! I am glad that my goal of working out is better physical fitness and health, not overall weight loss...

Haven't heard much from/about these guys lately. Here is an image gallery from their latest tour in Japan.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Sigh, so many concerts I want to see. Either there is no one to go with, or I can't get a ride, or they are just too pricey. Here is the short list:

  • Sparta (March 15th @ State Theater)
  • Rocket From The Crypt (March 17th @ Magic Stick)
  • Kodo (March 24th @ Michigan Theater)
  • Sahara Hotnights (March 31st @ The Shelter)
  • Adult. (April 4th @ Institute of Art)
  • The White Stripes (April 15th @ Masonic Temple)
  • The White Stripes (April 16th @ Masonic Temple)
  • Adult. (May 17th @ Magic Stick)